The team which today works and produces under the Mastermind.film label started up in 2010

at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and has been forming in the professional

environment since then. The core of it is made by mr. and mrs. Gomolčák - Boris (directing,

scriptwriting, DOP, editing) and Tina (production, dramaturgy, photography, storyboarding).

The team is frequently joined by sound and visual effects specialists. Sometimes also camera

operators, drone pilots, production designers or music composers. There is nothing our

teammates can't do.

However, most of the time we stick to a philosophy of: "One package includes it all", or "One

mind masters it all". And that is only one of the reasons why can offer you the best Price–

performance ratio in the market. The most important things for you are the cheapest for us

though: the idea, the content, the invention. Alpha and omega of each and every creation.

Even the most trivial one. We can find the right path between the witty and the cheesy, the

original and the cliché, the authentic and the stylish, for each of our clients.




Most of our orders consist of commercial video projects. Sometimes a music video turns up, a

more extensive documentary project, or demand for photographing. The priority for my work is

the clients demand. However, I almost always offer my own solutions and different points of

view. I like to work with elements of humour and surprise and if I can keep a bit of creative

freedom, I tend to leave a mark of my film directing past in the result.




It doesn't matter if you are a starting, a growing, or a multinational businessman. A garage, or

a star band, studying, or experienced filmmakers. Do not hesitate to contact us. By now we 

have been successfuly through each one of these instances of cooperation.




When planning a budget, we take several factors into consideration: 



1. Preparation

How much preproduction does the project require? Is it a live action? Do you need to cast

actors? Find locations? Draw or photograph a storyboard? Or you just need a documentary

work based more or less on improvisation?



2. Size of the crew

We tend to work in a two-member team. One director/camera operator plus the boom

operator/assistant. We are frequently being assisted by clients themselves, or their

employees, so "our people" are not always necessary,  but we prefer them when it comes to

more complicated technical solutions, e.g. multi-directional sound recording, rigged camera,

directing actors, working at public areas, etc.



3. The idea and the purpose of the project

Is the goal of your video to sell a product? To inform, to preserve memories, or to artistically

express yourself? To put it simple: The price rises with the increasing commercial and

decreasing artistic potential of your plan.